ANZMAC Welcome

Welcome from the President

Kia ora!  Allow me to extend a warm welcome to you all in this special place, Christchurch, South Island, New Zealand.  The University of Canterbury hosts this year’s conference for the first time and the co-chairs David Fortin and Lucie Ozanne have done an incredible job in putting together a great program for us to engage and immerse ourselves in.

Their chosen theme “Doing More with Less” allows us to focus on the often turbulent market forces that impact upon us as academics, the business communities we interact with and the graduates that we nurture.  There have been numerous debates on scarcity of resources and changing customer (B2B & B2C) behaviour and consumption patterns.  However, as an academy we have not sought to bring these together under one theme with a backdrop of global economic and climatic change.  This presents significant challenges to us as thought leaders, influencers, researchers and educators. 

I hope we take advantage of the forum the ANZMAC Conference provides, to probe, question and advance our ideas, agendas and knowledge.  We have a rich, international and varied membership in this academy and I am confident of robust debates and discussions over the ensuing days.  One of the many strengths of our Academy is the open exchange of ideas, results and opinions  that can be facilitated in a supportive, yet critical environment where often there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, just different perspectives.  The equality of time, space and consideration that is afforded to everyone regardless of title or position is an important facet of our meetings and one we should cherish, hold on to and build upon.

On behalf of the Executive, I want to thank our hosts, the team at the University of Canterbury for making this conference possible.  Hosting an event of this ‘magnitude’ always takes an incredible amount of planning and sheer hard work.  However, we owe them a particular debt for making ANZMAC 2010 happen.  Nobody can have escaped the headlines that swept the world on September 4th when this beautiful city was shaken to its core and its residents’ resilience truly tested.  Since that horrific night, over 2000 aftershocks have occurred and continue to occur as I write this in mid October.  David and Lucie’s team are to be congratulated for an amazing job, under physical and emotional conditions we can only read about but not fully grasp. 

I also thank and congratulate each one of you for supporting ANZMAC, Canterbury and being here to take part in our annual ritual of learning, exchanging and having fun! 

In conclusion, I wish you all an engaging and fruitful time here in Christchurch and hope that you maximise the many opportunities – collaborations, networks, new projects, catch-ups, new acquaintances - that conference presents.  ENJOY!

Ken Deans
ANZMAC President

Welcome and Kia Ora from the Conference Chairs

Who would have thought that back in June 2008, a “back of a napkin” idea for a conference theme “Doing More with Less” would become so timely in 2010 considering all the events that unfolded up to this day…First it was the global financial crash in 2009, then a major restructuring of our University service departments in early 2010, and finally on September the 4th 2010 at 4.35am a massive earthquake that registered 7.1 on the Richter scale struck Christchurch and Canterbury with damage estimated in the billions of dollars but without any loss of life… WOW!  But we made it, probably against all odds, and we surely learned to experience our theme of doing more with less in an ethnographic kind of way.

On behalf of the University of Canterbury and the College of Business and Economics, welcome to Christchurch and to ANZMAC 2010.    This edition is likely to be one that will be remembered for years to come.  To the many loyal members and friends of the Academy, welcome to Canterbury for the first time as a host of the conference.  And to all our overseas visitors from 28 different countries, welcome to New Zealand. Many of you will be ANZMAC ‘first-timers’, thank you for coming and we hope that you have a great conference and look forward to seeing you at future editions of ANZMAC such as the one planned for Perth, Australia in 2011 by hosts Edith Cowan University.

You’ve probably heard many times that organising a conference is stressful and a lot of work.  But aside from the long nights fuelled by too many cappuccinos and the numerous aftershocks that keep you awake, it all comes together when you have a great team to back you up.  From day one, we had great support from our colleagues here in the Marketing group who served on the executive committee for the conference and also contributed as track co-chairs.  A big thank you to Paul Ballantine (Proceedings and Track Chair), Jörg Finsterwalder (Proceedings, Sponsorships and Track Chair), Tony Garry and Ekant Veer (Doctoral Colloquium and Track Chairs), Kevin Voges (Sponsorships and Track Chair) and Sussie Morrish (Events and Track Chair).  Our thanks also to Margaret Brown and Andi Fear-Ross from The Conference Company for organising the millions of details involved in hosting a conference and keeping us on our toes on a daily basis.  We are also thankful to Paul Loughran and Harmen Oppewal from last year’s conference at Monash University, also Richard Fletcher at UWS and Ken Deans at Otago for their valuable insights as previous ANZMAC hosts as we worked on our “pitch” submission.

Without sponsors it would be difficult to deliver a conference of this magnitude. We gratefully acknowledge the generous support from Gold sponsor Monash University, and the many other academic and commercial sponsors featured on the conference website and in this booklet.

Competitive papers submitted in 2010 totalled 479 manuscripts with 341 papers accepted for presentation. A large number of high quality submissions were received and with a rejection rate of 29%, the calibre of papers presented at the Conference is of a very high standard. These figures show the importance of the review process - not simply in helping us to select the best papers, but also in providing feedback for authors and assisting in the process of paper revision and re-submission. We gratefully acknowledge the work of 36 track chairs across 18 Tracks and the 402 reviewers who contributed their time and experience to this process.  In addition, a total of five selected special interest sessions will run throughout the conference with some of our Marketing community's most senior academics presenting and discussing topical issues in our field.

We are also grateful to Professor Michael Solomon for taking the time to come to ANZMAC 2010 as our keynote speaker and guest of the Doctoral Colloquium.  Michael is a respected worldwide expert in the area of Consumer Behaviour as evidenced by his extensive publication record in key academic journals and the author of several CB textbooks and I am sure his opening address on Monday will be challenging, inspiring and perhaps even controversial.

Enjoy your time and good vibrations here in Christchurch, take advantage of the networking opportunities with colleagues and with a bit of luck you will bring back some positive cognitive and affective outcomes from your visit in the Land of the Long White Cloud.

Dave Fortin and Lucie K. Ozanne